Archive, domain address change


I’m trying to upload journal files in ‘Archive’ section in OJS system, but can’t find how to upload them.

Website address:

I only ended up finding a themes for archiving which should be purchased. Is there anyway I can upload the files in archive section?

Also, we want to change our domain address to “” from “”. we already purchased the new domain. Should we make a request to the staff in charge in OJS for this or is there anyway we can handle the it?



The “Archives” page shows automatically all published journal issues. Thus you would have to have some issues published in your journal, for them to appear there.
Maybe you would like to take a look at the OJS documentation, how to submit an article, assign it to a section and issue and publish it:

For the domain change, you would need to do all necessary steps on your server, but also to adapt the base URL in the OJS
Because you apparently did not have any articles published within the old domain, you would not need to do anything else (like e.g. redirects form the old domain to the new domain so that the people having the old link/URL can still find an article, or re-registration of article DOIs, or…), I think.