Any update SUSHI Lite plugin for OJS OJS

Dear sir any plugin for OJS we are using but getting error

Hello @sawan,

To get a sense of what plugins are compatible with what versions of OJS, you can go to the Github page for the plugins.xml page for the Plugin Gallery plugin:

And, from there, do a search for the particular plugin you’re looking at (e.g. “SUSHI”), and under there you can see some information on plugin compatibility for particular versions of OJS, and whether the plugin has been deemed compatible with the specific version of OJS, you’re using for example:

<compatibility application="ojs2">

Presently, it does not look like that plugin has been tested to be compatible with OJS 3.2. @ctgraham - as the developer of the plugin may wish to weigh in.

Best regards,


Hi, all. The upgrade of Pitt ULS maintained plugins, including SUSHI (with the addition of COUNTER R5) is currently scheduled for this fall.