Anchors "custom-x" in "additional about items"

I noticed a problem in the OJS setup of journals. When one wants to add Additional Custom Sections in Journal Setup > 2. Policies > 2.5 Add Item to Appear in “About the Journal” the OJS automatically creates “HTML anchors” that are “custom-0”, “custom-1”, “custom-2” … There is only option how to enter Title of the Custom Section, but it does not accept HTML code, so there is no way how the default anchor can be changed. It is possible to insert anchor in the very beginning of the text of the Custom Section, but then following link with such type of anchor leads directly to the portion of the text and “cuts off” the Title of the Custom Section.
The need for Custom Sections in OJS is usually to meet some criteria of indexing or other external parties. These external parties require links to these Custom Sections. And it is amateurish to provide them with link http://xxxx/ojs/index.php/xxxx/about/editorialPolicies#custom-4
I hope a fix for that may be forthcoming in a future OJS release.

Hi @dankomed,

To give the anchors different names, you’ll at least have to edit your template – see templates/about/index.tpl. While it’s true that this could be made more flexible, it’s not a high priority for us to change, so I think a local modification is probably the best idea.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team