An article url in an unintended custom domain. OJS 3.1.2-4


When doing a Google Scholar search, we found a url linking to a TLI article but with an unintended CDM custom domain prefix for example:

Below url has an unintended CDM custom domain

Below is url of the same article has an intended Main domain as expected:

How did this unwanted url β€œ(https://)” come to existing and How can we get rid of it?

Can you please point us? Any suggestion is very much appreciated.

Thank you so much!


Hi @dung

If Google can find it, Google will index it. I suspect that at some point there was a public link some place that used the incorrect domain (they both resolve to the same IP) and Google crawled that URL.

To prevent this in the future you should ensure that only the proper domain is configured as a base_url in the file and you’re using Apache rewrite rules to send incorrect requests to the correct domain. We do this at PKP|PS to prevent e.g. invalid SSL certificate problems when domains should not be loaded on www- versus non-www URLs, for example.

If you set up a redirect using a 301 (permanent), the next time Google crawls that domain it will update the link.


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Hello @jnugent ,

I will try to apply the redirect, Apache rewrite rules. Thank you so much!


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I have successfully set up a redirect using a 301 (permanent). Thank you @jnugent again.

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