Amount of currently assigned submissions when assign a paper to an editor

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A journal could have many section editors, and tracking the work of any of them could be difficult. For this reason, when a paper is still unassigned and the Journal Editor must assign a SE to it, it helps very much knowing how many active submissions they currently have. I think it’s an essential information for a journal, exactly as it’s shown for the reviewer assignments.

I wish to have the following result (unfortunately it’s just photoshopped in the picture).

I’m not a php expert, but I edited some file in the past to add some custom features in my installation. In this case, sadly I didn’t know where I should start.

I see two ways to reach my goal without an excessive effort.
(1) We could use the same structure used for the reviewer assignment; something like $currentlyAssigned in, but I didn’t understand where it takes the data.
(2) We could simulate the same result of “Assigned to editor” filter in the dashboard, but I suspect it’s the long way.

Some hints for this issue? I will very appreciate any comments on it.

I’m using 3.3.0-6. A similar feature was included in 2.4 version, but then it was lost in 3.x

This question was already posted at least three times before:

Anytime the answer was the outcomin “Assigned to editor” filter in the dashboard. But in my opinion it’s not a solution for the following reason. When a JE use the filter in the dashboard, he’s looking for a sumbission («I remember John is working on that paper… what’s its damn title?»). The “currently assigned” feature shows the workload of each editors instead, and it suggests to the JE who can work on the last paper.

If a journal has for example twelve SE, the JE should do twelve researches on the dashboard, take a note of the workloads of each SE, and then “adding one” any time he assign a new paper to someone.
It’s a little boring.

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