Allow users to sign up as Authors in Open Conference Systems

I have a OCS running already but the major challenge is that when users are creating their account they are not able to sign up as an Author the options that are only available for them is reader and Reviewer. I have tried to find where to enable this but can’t find.
The other way is after someone create account, I have to be contacted then I go to users enroll to select the user and enroll as Author, that mean each person that creates an account and wants to submit article has to contact us before submission is possible.
Waiting for urgent response.
Thanks in advance

Hi @ezekielgrove,

Check the timeline form and ensure that the author registration open and close dates are set correctly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Under your current conference click “Conference Timeline and Information”.
There you will see “Author registration opened” and “Author registration closed”.

However I have had some authors in our system where there was no click box visible for the person to tick to enroll as an author. I had to enroll them manually as you did. I was not able to duplicate that problem though and so have ignored it as our author enrollment has closed now.