Allow proofreaders to access all articles in production

Hi, I am using OJS 3.1.2 version.
I am wondering if is it possible to give assistant users with roles like proofreader or translator to access all articles (or all articles in a given volume or number) in production stage so then can be able to correct metadata errors like ones in tittle or summary sections.
Right now the only option I have found is to enter each submission, one by one, go to archives, view submission, go to production stage and assign the desired participant with one of those roles.
I don’t want to to extend permissions so the assistants can delete submissions, or modify other sensitive administrator settings.

Thanks in advance

Hello @GabeLon,

You can change the stages of production that users have access to in the roles settings. Please see our documentation here: Chapter 10: Users and Roles

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Thanks @rcgillis. Here you can see two snapshots of some user roles and the stage permissions, for examen, for the proofreader role:

Right now, eventhough I change the permissions for all stages, this user only can see in his ojs dashboard the articles that other editor or admininstrator assigns as a participant. Cant access by default any submission, even in production stage.

Hello @GabeLon,

Your settings indicate that you haven’t selected all stages of production for the proofreader role. Have you done that yet? If it’s not possible, what error do you see? When a proofreader goes to edit the information you specified (e.g. title or abstract), what happens if you have this access enabled?


Hi @rcgillis,

Yes, you are right, in the previous screenshot it is only selected the last stage but even If I select all four (see below) the situation is the same. In reality there is no error in the platform, just a functionality I cant find…
The thing is that, say our journal has published for example 100 articles, and I want our proofreader user (with limited role permissions but who can even access all stages, screenshot 1 and 2) be able to access all 100 articles, the only way I find right now is to assign him/her as a proofreader participant for every article, one by one (see screenshot 3), in order he can see them all at his dashboard (at screenshot 4, I just assigned one). Otherwise his dashboard is empty.

By the way these, and I don’t know if it matters here, usually our articles are uploaded to OJS directly using the QuickSubmit plugin.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-01-17 a la(s) 20.25.06
Captura de Pantalla 2021-01-17 a la(s) 20.25.47
Captura de Pantalla 2021-01-17 a la(s) 20.23.53
Captura de Pantalla 2021-01-17 a la(s) 20.26.56

Hello @GabeLon,

Thank you for clarifying that you use QuickSubmit - that makes a big difference in this scenario. It explains why you are not able to access the material from other parts of the production workflow (review, proofreading, etc.) - because for submissions done via QuickSubmit, this bypasses all of these stages and just adds the galley files and metadata - so you won’t even see any info for the other stages for the submissions. So, you wouldn’t be able to revert back to other stages - all that would be useable would be the Production stage. You may want to consider just adding this person as an Editor rather than a proofread, since, as an Editor would have the ability to edit/update metadata, download/upload galleys, etc. - all of the necessary steps that you can take to get it ready to be published.


Thanks very muchs @rcgillis I think that is my best option.
Best regards!