Allow negative values in review reminder day settings

In Workflow settings editors can give the number of days that needs to pass before the system will send an automatic reminder. We’ve had a request to enable the system to send a reminder before the due date. This could happen by allowing negative numbers (-3) in the setting field and the system would then take this into account.

I have not tested, but do not think this is possible at the moment pkp-lib/ at main · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Would this in general be an acceptable change in OJS?

Hi @ajnyga this request is filed at [OJS/OMP] Ability to send review reminders prior to due date · Issue #5885 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. I don’t think negative numbers are very intuitive, and I’d worry about additional confusion because we use a “truthy” check to evaluate the value (ie - 0 = don’t send a reminder, not send a reminder 0 days after due date), so I’d be hesitant to rush this in in that format.

I definitely think this is a common request, though.

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