Allow journal admin to choose languages that can be used as "Primary Submission Language "

Multilingual journals use more than one language for submission metadata. However, some of these languages may not be used as a primary language for publication.

We have several journals that use multilingual metadata but use English as the only submission language.

Authors may choose an incorrect primary submission language, especially if they use another language in the UI, because it will be the default choice.

It is worth noting that the primary submission language is the citation language used in indexing (i.e. Google Scholar)

Since editors cannot change the primary language of a submission, they have to ask the author to resubmit the article with the correct primary language, which leave them with multiple submissions for the article.

The proposed solution is to add a fourth column in “Journal Settings → Languages” that correspond to the primary submission language. Languages that are selected in this column will appear in the dropdown menu of the “Submission Language” option in the submission form. Also, allowing editors to change primary submission language would be very useful.