All submission direct to my assign or specific editor

I have some problem with my website, I use OJS 3.0.2 and the first time is no problem but after sometimes I realize all submission direct to my assigned or specific one editor. I never give the task this. how can I back this problem?

If it is this issue, then it was fixed in 3.1: [OJS] OJS 3.0: Section editor gets assigned to all submissions · Issue #1962 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Basically what happens in original 3.0.2. is that if you add just one section editor, then she will get all submissions. You can fix this in 3.0.2. easily by adding a second section editor.

no, I do not add spesific section editor

Ok, so you do not have any users with a section editor role? Do you have more than one editor?

yes, but all submission direct to editor with admin role too.

So you have several users with the “journal editor” role, but when a new submission comes in, it is assigned automatically to one of those users?

edit: just to check: if you go to Users & Roles and limit the search to just “Section editors” are there users listed there?

there is no one section editor. But I have 4 Editor