All my "OJS" website pages redirects to the login page

I use an ojs website (version OJS, the problem that happened to my site is that every page I click on goes back to the login page, even the contact and about website pages. I must mention that it seems someone had changed the access settings in the access point section of the site so that my site is not open access and also the register can only be done by the admin.
As you can see, I reset these settings according to the attached photo and cleared the cache, but still didn’t solve the problem. Maybe the settings have been changed elsewhere on the site?
I must also say that on the distribution settings section are also on the site’s open access.

Has anybody (that can only be the site admin) disabled the whole journal? Go to Administration / Hosted Journals and enable the journal there.

Ensure “Enable this journal to appear publicly on the site” is checked on Hosted Journals and “session_check_ip” is set to Off on