All links/urls lead to blank pages

We have installed OJS and are hosting it ourselves, as we have an online journal for 15 years already and are going to try out OJS only for author submissions, review and production for now. A couple weeks ago, I encountered some links on our page leading to blank pages. Now, every bookmark I try, or when I shorten the url, I only get blank (white) pages. I cannot even get in as an administor to see what might be the issue. Any ideas?

Hi @JReams

If you’re getting blank pages, there are probably PHP “fatal errors” being logged in your Apache error log. Can you have a look and report back? (And sorry for the spam - we do try to stay on top of it, but it’s the holiday season and many of us are taking time away from the board).


HI Jason, I will get my IT guy to figure out how to find the error log, as I didn’t do the installation myself, and since I only get blank pages, I have no idea how to look this up. He will be back to work later this week, so as soon as I find out something, we will be in touch.
Thanks, and Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Hi Jason,
Ok, this information helped and we are up and running again. It appears that the issue had to do with the OJS templates, and this has been taken care of (I wish I knew more technical details, but I’m just grateful someone else does).

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Glad to here it’s sorted out!