All Active Submissions are not loading

Hello, the all active submission tab is not working. It seems like this error is also seen in other tabs.

OJS Version:


Hi @utkbadem

Have you checked your browser console log and your webserver logs? It might give further info regarding why the page is not loading.

Could you please paste any error you find on your logs?


Hello @israel.cefrin, thank you so much for your response,

here is the error log;

build.js:1 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)
at Kt.itemCount (build.js:1:121828)
at wr.get (build.js:6:7986)
at wr.evaluate (build.js:6:9131)
at Kt.itemCount (build.js:1:438073)
at Kt.i (build.js:6:68295)
at Kt.t._render (build.js:6:13454)
at Kt.i (build.js:6:30963)
at wr.get (build.js:6:7986)
at (build.js:6:8866)
at zt (build.js:1:436233)