After OJS upgrade, alignment of PDF links is off


We upgraded to the newest version on Tuesday. After the upgrade, the alignment on article links toward the bottom is off. Do you know why this is? Is it a CSS problem?

Thank you for your help

Hi @jaskoog,

If you mean the alignment between the article title and the authors, that’s on purpose. If that’s not what you meant, can you explain a little more?


Hi Bruno,

Maybe it is a CSS issue. I am using firefox, but I just checked that link in Chrome and Explorer and it looks fine.

You can see from this screenshot how things are not aligned properly in Firefox:



I am using Firefox also, and everything seems fine. Can you try deleting your browser cache and opening the page again? I suspect there’s something in your cache that’s breaking this.


I cleared the cache and now it looks good. Thank you for your help.