Administrator email ID changed by someone else

We have been using ojs for past 5 months

Suddenly our administrator account email id has been changed, so as the password.
We are very small journal and we didn’t share password to others also

We found a new account with some webpage address as a profile name recently

Is this even possible to change the administrator email id

We asked the server person where we bought and he changed it immediately back to ours !?

We don’t know whether the server person changed the mail id or someone outside changed it !

Any information pls!

We are using ojs 3

Hi @Vedanadhi,

Sorry to hear about this incident. It’s hard to comment on this as it does not seem to relate specifically to OJS, but appears that a security incident that has occurred, and you ought to take the proper steps to investigate it (investigating security incidents are outside of the scope of what we cover here on the forum, but you would likely find some helpful guides by searching the web. It’s entirely possible that someone did gain access to your administrator account, but I couldn’t speculate how this might have occurred. We do offer some advice on securing OJS that you might want to take into account:

Others may wish to offer advice for what to do.

PKP Team

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Thank you for your help