Additinal tabs in omp


we need additional tabs to store press-specific data, for instance in catalogEntryTabs.tpl and profile.tpl

I wrote a plugin that adds a tab to catalogEntryTabs.tpl. I just still need to add code in catalogEntryTabs.tpl manually (to create the link). Could you either:

  1. explain me how I can replace this template via a plugin (it’s called in the CatalogEntryHandler with $templateMgr->fetchJson(‘controllers/modals/submissionMetadata/catalogEntryTabs.tpl’ so I don’t get it via display, include or setTemplate) or

  2. add a hook in the template (+ a variable for the tab position).

I would very much prefer option 2, we want to replace as little templates as possible, in case another plugins need to change the template as well.

We would also need a hook for another tab in the profile to store user specific data for our public profile plugin and our hall of fame plugin that we will also give to the community).


Hi @carola,

I agree – option 2 makes the most sense (and we’ve often added similar hooks elsewhere). If you like, propose a patch or send a pull request and I’ll merge it into the omp-dev-1_1 and master branches in github.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team