Adding Users (who are already in the system)

I have a very basic “how to” question re. Adding a User. This may or may not be a problem.

As an Admin, I created a Test journal today. I now want to Add (myself as a) User. I want to use the Name, Email, info that I added and use in our other (real) OJS journals, rather than have different “versions” of myself (which I guess I could do). I thought that I could Add User - but when I click Submit, it doesn’t accept the entry:
The selected username is already in use by another user. The selected email address is already in use by another user.
Do I need to delete this User (used in other journals) if I want to use it in my (new) Test journal?
Is this normal behaviour?

Hello @PKP_Tam !

AFAIK you cannot “add” an user to a Journal if its already in the system … you have to search for the user activating the “Include users with no role in this journal” option and then edit the user to grant it a role in the test Journal.

There will be no different versions of the user.

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