Adding user roles slightly faster

When I want to add role to some user I go to tab where I can add roles. I have to click on Add Role and after that I see dropdown list box. Droplist should appear immediately so I can select role. if I want to add another role then I have to click on Add Role. That would be easier.
In addition, when role is added I have to c lick below dropdown list to confirm that role which is unnecessary from my point of view. Thanks

Hi all,

@NateWr, something to consider if you’re thinking about Listbuilders.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

What I suggest saves you even more work than mentioned NateWr post. My suggestion simplifies interaction as much as possible without extra clicks for you and user.
Hence, as soon as Add role interface is open dropdown list is ready and when role is selected it is sufficient only to click continue /save…


Unfortunately, adding a role immediately when the select dropdown is changed presents accessibility issues because keyboard users have to move through dropdowns by selecting each option. We can’t assume the selection of an option is a sign of intent.

(To be fair, that’s probably not the biggest accessibility issue with that control, though. :expressionless: ).

OK. I fully agree with you. Maybe it could be done that it is not needed below dropdown in the white field in order to get it fully selected. It loosk liek it is not selected and in my experience users do click below. I guess that dropdown lists are like that, slightly clumsy.

Dropdown list is by itself close to be accessibility issue.