Adding page title

Hello there,

I would like to have page titles for the separate pages in OJS 3 (we’re currently experimenting with OJS 3.1) like for example “archives” on the archive page oder “current” on the current issue page.
I know I could do that with themes, but I feel a bit queasy to change all frontend templates for such a small addition. So I wanted to ask if there is an easier way? I’ve also experimented with a small plugin, but it seems there isn’t a hook to include the title on the top of the content div.

Kind regards

Hi @UBWolf,

I’m not sure I’m understanding you correctly, but you can change the title of a page by changing the locale key using the Translator plugin.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @astevens ,

oh, I see I wasn’t very clear. What I mean it the “< h2 >”-tag on each page like we had with the previous OJS 2-Version. I have included a screenshot from one of our journals in our old installations.

Kind regards