Adding ocassional subsections to Table of Contents

I’m new to OJS. We’re wanting more flexibility in the display of the Table of Contents – to change the “Sections” (or even better, to add subsections) as needed, depending on the specific content we’re publishing in a particular issue.

Our journal is hosted on a platform that hosts several additional journals. We’ve been told (by our hosting partners) that what we’re looking for would require “source code/primary installation changes,” which would impose customization on the other journal hosted on the platform, which they may not desire.

I was wondering if a simpler solution might be reached by removing the requirement that authors identify the “section” they are submitting to. Then I would think we could just keep adding an additional “section” whenever a new (and probably unique) section was needed by an issue being published. We would slot manuscripts into the various sections when we enter the “production” phase. Admittedly, the list would start to become ungainly if we added too many sections – but as far as I can tell, the viewers of the journal would not be aware of this.

Would this solution necessitate a change to the base code that would be problematic for our hosting partner? Does anyone see another possible solution? Or is my question too dependent upon on the particulars of our hosting partner?