Adding new graphics


I can not add new images to OJS. I have always info - There were errors processing this form. Invalid file for home page image. Accepted formats are GIF, JPG or PNG.


Hi @zbigniew,

Can you elaborate on a few details here:

  1. What specific version of OJS you’re using (e.g. 3.2.1)
  2. Where you are attempting to upload the images
  3. What specific errors you are encountering (provide a screenshot if possible, please).

Best regards,

PKP Team

there are old versions - 2.4 and 2.8.5 .

I’ve tried to upload png and jpg file.

Details in attachment.


Hello @zbigniew,

You may wish to have a look at this post here: Unable to upload file although other jounal in the same ojs could. ojs - #3 by mohd_arshad

It looks very similar to what you’re facing.



  1. My problem it is not similar to that case.
  2. Where in can I find data about accepted file formats for upload?


hi there, can you confirm the public folder for the journal exist? when you go to the root of the ojs, public/journals/xxx/ where xxx is the journal public folder…


my bad i think you folder are correct because this file is in the folder

maybe you can find the php error log and post it here…

Hi @zbigniew,

After all, the file is not the place to look. @mohd_arshad has made some good suggestions about posting output from your PHP error log - I would suggest doing that, which will help to further identify the issue.

PKP Team