Adding MP3 files to OJS 3

Hi, I am uploading back issues for one of our journals onto OJS 3. This journal includes some MP3 files but when I try to upload an MP3 I get the message ‘missing or invalid component.’ I have tried all of the components on the drop down list (although ‘other’ was selected on that Journal’s previous system) but they all bring up the same message. PDFs work perfectly. I was wondering if this is an issue within OJS or something stopping us at our end?

Thank you

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Anyone else had issues with MP3s or know any solutions for this? Would be good to know.

Hi all,

I suspect you’re hitting the server’s configured upload size limit. See this FAQ entry for some settings to check. I haven’t checked MP3 uploads on OJS 3 specifically – I suspect for ideal presentation you’ll want to embed a streaming player of some kind – but that wouldn’t explain the upload issue you’re encountering.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Thanks Alec, that sounds very likely as some of these files are quite big.