Adding DOI year cutoff


On the documentation for 2.4.6 version the adding of DOI year cutoff OR Crossref XML year cutoff is mentioned.

How does it work? How can we add a year cutoff for automatic Doi assignments? I don’t see any option in the DOI Plugin.

Thank you very much.

Hi @lcmartinezru,

The cut off functionality is done via object editing interface.

Let’s say you activated public identifiers for your issues and articles in setup step 4, section 3. Then you enabled the DOI plugin and configured the DOI prefix.

After all this is ok, you will see, in the issue data page, for example, an option to erase or to not create DOI to objects related with that issue. Same in the article metadata editing page, you will see a check box where you can decide if that article will have a DOI or not.


Hello Beghelli,

Thanks for your answer. We now want to select that all our past articles aren’t going to have DOI. How could we modify this option for all the articles through a database instruction. How are the DOI stored? is there a table in OJS database with that information? I appreciate very much your help.

Best regards,

Hi @lcmartinezru,

The pub Id data is stored into the published object settings table. So, for the articles, it would be inside the article settings table, using the setting name pub-id::doi.