Adding DOI via quicksubmit plugin

at the moment, when I am creating articles via quicksubmit plugin, I can not add any DOI for the article, ever if the Journal is supporting DOI creation/registration.


Hi @marchitelli,

The QuickSubmit plugin doesn’t have support for DOI entry; you have a few options:

  • Import the articles with QuickSubmit, then edit the DOIs afterwards
  • Use native XML import/export instead
  • Go to the database to set DOIs manually (this may be quicker if you can generate SQL e.g. via a script)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Rather than creating new topic. Where should I add them afterwards? I am not finding this after I have published the article?

Found it! Never mind! Thanks for this thread!!!

@bozana, what do you think. Maybe we could add an extra option to the quicksubmit plugin that would allow the user to assign a DOI when adding a new article.

This could simple be an extra checkbox in the form, which would be only visible when the DOI plugin is configured. What do you think? I could do a pr this week if this sounds ok.


@ajnyga, yes that would be OK, just not high priority :slight_smile: If you would like to make a PR it would be great! I don’t know what everything should be done, but I think that part of the form should be the same as the current pubId form in the “identifier” tab…


So this could be it Add support for pubid plugins like DOI by ajnyga · Pull Request #20 · pkp/quickSubmit · GitHub
(better not use it in production yet…)

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I have a question about adding DOIs to articles which get doi befor and now I want to move the archive of this articles to a new OJS. I think after submitting article by quick submit account, I should add DOI manually in Submission page => Metadata => identifier.
But the version of my OJS is, and I cant find identifier in metadata.