Adding a link to view other submissions by the same author to editor dashboard in OJS3.1

I started with ojs2.4.8, currently using OJS3.1. I am thankful to PKP Team for providing and continuously improving OJS Features, user interface and appearance.
In OJS 3.1 we have a quick view of submission, If possible for future release, I request to introduced a link within quick view with “Other Submissions” (see image) which may popup a window with list of all submissions (Active and Archived) by the same author.
quick view
It would be more useful if that list populated with all submissions across all journals (for multi-journal install), maybe with 4 column list (article id, Title, Journal name, Current Status) so that editor can click on the title to see detail of that submission.

It will be useful for editors in a number of ways-

  1. For any new submission, editor will be able to see all other submissions by the same author and if a similar article get declined/accepted earlier, editor can go to submission detail and decide whether significant improvement has been done in the new submission since last declined/accepted.
  2. Some journal does not want to consider the same submission in the same journal within a fixed period of time once get declined. The editor can see if the same submission were declined earlier in the same journal.
  3. For multi-journal and editorially independent journals, an editor will be able to check if the same submission has been made simultaneously to multiple journals.
  4. Mostly journal does not want to process many articles by the same author at the same time. This can be observed by the editor manually also, but if all submissions by the same author are available, it would be more efficient.

I think PKP team can better figure out possible advantage/disadvantage of such option.

Currently, we cant see above detail unless manually log in as submitting author.