Added users don’t receive a welcome email

What can I do to send an automatic welcome email to a new user that I added? Even if I check the box to send automatically, the new users aren’t receiving this email.

Are other emails working normally?

Are new user emails working for some addresses but not others? (particularly gmail, yahoo)?

Yes, submission and decision emails are working normally, including to gmail and yahoo.
New user emails aren’t working for any address.

If you enable the Translator plugin, do you see the USER_REGISTER email (with appropriate translations)?

Hi @ctgraham, I am doing some tests now and I realized that the emails that wer working normally on friday aren’t working today. So, no email is working. I am checking with my ICT workers. I’ve already asked them to check SMTP configs. Sorry for any mistake in English, we are in Brazil.

Have you managed to find the solution? I’ve got the same problem.