Add to the www domain url

Hi , I wanted to know who would have to make my web OJS would show the www in the address bar . Because even put them disappear after loading the web .

This is probably a webserver configuration question. As shipped, OJS does not change the domain URL as displayed in the browser.

Hi. I talked to my server domain and I say the opposite, that is OJS, what can I say?

What is the site that is having the issue?

What is the URL? For example, the of sites you have mentioned recently, works as expected, unless you access just . This latter link is not being processed by OJS.

Link OJS:

This link retains the www.

I understand, but I want to always appear. Not only when you put it. Is it possible in OJS?

That is a webserver configuration issue. See, for example:

@ctgraham. Thank you, will put me with that manual.