Add title + image in header ojs


I want to add image + title in the header of my magazine (example: … I think I should modify this file lib/pkp/templates/frontend/components/header.tpl but I’m not sure…

Which file should I modify and which is the correct code?

Thanks you!


The template is like you suggested.

I will actually upload that particular theme to Github during May together with the site theme.

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Thank you very much… I’ll be waiting for the theme … a big hug!

Hello! @ajnyga

I know that you are extremely busy but I wanted to talk about this subject … I would like to be able to include both the logo and the name of the magazine and use this clean design.

Is it possible to know when it will be available?

Thank you so much for everything!

I will try to upload it by tomorrow before leaving for vacation. I will upload our main theme, child theme and our site theme.

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Many thanks @ajnyga
I hope you can before you leave … however, I can wait for you to come back …

Enjoy these holidays !!!

I just do not have the time now, sorry. I promise to upload these when I return. I have been closing down my project with and there has been a lot of things to handle during the last few weeks. However, the project was funded by an open access initiative in Finland (, so we a determined to publish everything we finished.

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Hi, sorry for interrupting.:grinning:
have you uploaded the main theme somewhere?