'Add Reviews to Email' button does not work OJS 3

The ‘Add Reviews to Email’ button does not work in OJS3 when I want to send an author a Request Revisions or Accept Submission email. Something is pasted into the email, but not the text (see image). How should I fix this? (noob here)


Hi @Tivervoort,

Does this post helps you: Revision forms attached to the email are not seen?

Regards, Primož

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hi @primozs
It does! Thanks so much! Is it true that I cannot edit the review form in use, but only make a copy and change that one?


You cannot edit revision forms. You will have to copy, make a new one, and assign them to the corresponding revisions. When you don’t have any more revisions with the old form, you just have to deactivate it (the old form…obviously).

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