Add radiobutton to submission steps

Hi, everyone. I was told to do so that the author could append affiliation of submission to the certain conference. And that editors could see it. Don’t know from where to start.
Tried to redo “type” in metadata for these purposes. But it can be only a text input field, but i need radiobutton or select.
The best option would seem to be to add radiobutton in step1. But i don’t know how to make persist choice and how editor can see it.
Please, can anyone help me?

It’s a pity, that no one is answering. As a custom, I answer myself.
Sorry about my peasant method.
Made with use of submission type field. I covert it into radio button.
In “/lib/pkp/templates/submission/submissionMetadataFormFields.tpl”
in {fbvFormSection for=“type” title=“common.type”} comment usual fbvElement
and add code that generate radiobutton with type values

{html_radios name=‘type[en_US]’ selected=$type.en_US values=$conf_names output=$conf_names labels=false separator=’<br />’}

(Description of html_radios get there: {html_radios} | Smarty)

For a long time I couldn’t output label with locale “submission.type.tip” with html_radios tag, so I had to add following:

{fbvElement type=“text” label=“submission.type.tip” class=“pkp_form_hidden”}

Then in lib/pkp/classes/submission/form/ in fetch function i add


Add the same string in lib/pkp/controllers/modals/submissionMetadata/form/

The contents of Submission_SpecialIssue_Type_Values.php is like that:

<?php $templateMgr->assign('conf_names',array('Regular','Special issue VBC-2020','Special issue BSM-2020','Special issue PaleoEurasia-2020')); ?>

Also change data in key “submission.type.tip” in lib/pkp/locale/en_US/submission.xml