Add permission settings to allow section editor to request revisions but not make final accept/decline decision (3.2.1)

When a section editor is assigned, we can limit their access. We have decided to do so in one of our journals. This limitation means that the section editors can only give a recomandation for the MS, not make a descicion. However, because of this limitation, the section editor can not suggest revisions for the author, which means that any descisions must be made by the main editor. Is it possible to change or edit the access so the section editor can suggest revisions for the author, but can not decide to accept or decline?

And: Once the section editor will make her/his recommandation, the two options: 1: send an email for the editors with recommandation and 2: do not send email to the author. However you can only choose one, and in most cases you wish to choose both. Is it possible to create a default “Do not send email to author”?

Hi @Mariaros,

We don’t have plans to extend the configuration options for section editor permissions at this time. But I can see how the restriction you mention would be useful.

do not send email to the author

This sounds like maybe a typo. It is probably meant to say “do not send email to the editors”. We’re no longer providing bug fixes like this for 3.2.x If you can reproduce this in the 3.3 test drive install, please post in the software support forum and we can get a bug filed.