Add new upload file in Create Issue

Hello Everybody.

I want add new upload file image en create issue.


I modify the files

  • classes/issue/
  • classes/issue/
  • controllers/grid/issues/form/
  • templates/controllers/grid/issues/form/issueForm.tpl

Add set, get functions: add new upload button in crease issue · cristiaan3003/ojs_mod@ff3df65 · GitHub

When I add in templates/controllers/grid/issues/form/issueForm.tpl form for upload a imagen

The button is not displayed. ¿The problem is in how I define the script in tpl file? In script add lines $uploaderContra: $(’#coverContraImageUploader’),
$previewContra: $(’#coverContraImagePreview’)
but the button is not shown.

$(function() {ldelim}
	// Attach the form handler.
			$uploader: $('#coverImageUploader'),
			$preview: $('#coverImagePreview'),
			$uploaderContra: $('#coverContraImageUploader'),
			$previewContra: $('#coverContraImagePreview'),
			uploaderOptions: {ldelim}
				uploadUrl: {url|json_encode op="uploadFile" escape=false},
				baseUrl: {$baseUrl|json_encode},
				filters: {ldelim}
					mime_types : [
						{ldelim} title : "Image files", extensions : "jpg,jpeg,png,svg" {rdelim}


Hi @cristianviza,

Check your browser’s error console to see if there’s something useful there.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher . Not view error en console browser.

The behavior is the same as if in the default code for CoverImagen I commented variables ‘coverImageUploader’ and ‘coverImagePreview’ (in script tag) in file issueForm.tpl:

//$uploader: $(’#coverImageUploader’),
//$preview: $(’#coverImagePreview’),

The result is: button is not added with

{include file=“controllers/fileUploadContainer.tpl” id=“coverImageUploader”}

Instead the legend is shown: “The system file uploader is loading. If it doesn’t…”

When I uncomment these variables everything works ok so I think my problem is in those varibales. For my new button they are called

$uploaderContra: $(’#coverContraImageUploader’),
$previewContra: $(’#coverContraImagePreview’),

That is why the query where are defined ‘coverImageUploader’ and ‘coverImagePreview’ to replicate the same to my new variables ‘coverContraImageUploader’ and ‘coverContraImagePreview’.


I add a more complete explanation. I want to upload a another file imagen. For Example:
<div> <label for="file">Choose file to upload</label> <input type="file" id="file" name="file" multiple> </div> <div> <button>Submit</button> </div>
but I want to do it using the framework. When I add fbvFormSection:

{include file=“controllers/fileUploadContainer.tpl” id=“coverContraImageUploader”}
<input type=“hidden” name=“temporaryFileId” id=“temporaryFileId” value="" /

the legend “The system file uploader is loading. If it doesn’t…” is shown.