Add new step in submission


i need to add new step to the 5 steps in the submission the file and the result come and see in the editor and section Reviewers in ojs “in result become 6 steps” because the policies of the journal need that,
i can create the form in new step and store the data in table in db but i can’t insert this step in five step and also can’t put the link to this information in editing page and section Reviewers

how can do this please
now i use system V.

thank you from first

What is the nature of this new step?

Are you familiar with programming in PHP?

yes it’s html form lead to store data in data base

If you can clarify further what you are wanting to add, we may be able to point you toward existing functionality, or may consider this as an enhancement for future version if it is generally beneficial.

Otherwise, if you have PHP experience and want to take this on a strictly a local customization, start with this thread for background on modifying the submission process:

Also consider the general mapping of OJS requests to the code for form processing. I described a similar process here:

I presume you’ve already found most of the code here:

If you can post what you have tried, and what parts are and aren’t working, we can help to guide you.

thank you for all my problem solved in v 3.0.1

but i have some problem to make editor chose section editor to work with paper
the reviewer needed from editor not from section editor and cant make editor to chose one section editor to complete the process

Is this question of assigning a section editor and reviewers related to your original question?

If this is a new question, please post it in a new forum topic. This will help others with similar questions find the answers.

If the “extra” step in the submission process which you are describing is assigning a Section Editor and Reviewers, it doesn’t sound to me like this is part of the submission. The 5-step submission process comes from the Author; the editorial handling of the submission after the author’s action is a different part of the workflow.