Add new information field to ojs 3 sidebar

Is’t possible to add a new field to the Information Block? Currently, it has:
For Readesr
For Authors
For Librarians

I would like to add a another field, say “For Reviewers”.
How I can do that? I believe it will has something to do with the php files, may be!

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Thanks in advance!

Hi @Johnklark,

I think you could modify this page: ojs/block.tpl at main · pkp/ojs · GitHub - in your install.

The information block is part of the core OJS install. You could create a custom string using the custom locale and use that along with your additional item that you wish to add.

You would want to be mindful of keeping any changes up-to-date as you go to upgrade, and make sure your customizations do not interfere with any changes to to this plugin.

PKP Team

@rcgillis, Thank you for your reply.
I modified the code within the given page, but the title tab “For Reviewers” doesn’t show up with the other 3 tabs (For Authors, For Readers, For Librarians). However, when I type the url link …/information/reviewers the page does exist with only “Information for Reviewers” title!

Hi @Johnklark,

Hmmm… I’m not totally sure about this part. Let me check with some of my developer colleagues to see if they can make some suggestions.

PKP Team

Hi @Johnklark,

I spoke with a colleague of mine who suggested the following workaround that hadn’t occurred to me:

“One workaround would be to use a custom block to add an additional block for reviewers or replace the information block completely.” - this may save you from having to customize the Information block plugin and avoid the messiness that sometimes comes with having to maintain changes to a customized code.

PKP Team

Yes, adding a custom block sounds a good idea. I added a new custom block contains “For Reviewers” together with the other 3 titles on the sidebar, and disabeled the default Information Block, and it works great, appreciate your help @rcgillis, thank you!

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