Add new column to Sections grid

Hi @asmecher,

I am trying to add a new column to Sections grid through a plugin, but could’t find any hooks to do so.

  • The grid that I am trying to add the column to is in Settings > Journal > Sections table.
  • I am using OJS 3.2.0-2

Many thanks

Hi @NateWr,
Do you have any idea about the issue above?

Many thanks

Hi @sm2020,

No, I don’t think so. I had a quick look for a hook that might work but I couldn’t find one.

Thanks @NateWr for replying and letting me know.

I think there should be a initFeatures hook in the gridhandler: pkp-lib/ at stable-3_1_2 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

But for some reason the SectionsGridhandler::initfeatures does not call the parent:

I think it should, because the Categories gridhandler does call the parent there:

So I think this should be fixed for the next version, @asmecher ?

Hi @ajnyga,
Thanks for mentioning this.
I have noticed the same, that the categorycategory::initfeatures hook is there but not the Journal Sections one.
Would be great to have the hook available soon.

Many thanks