Add more reviewer details

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Hi @qassim_nasir,

Did you have a question for the forum? It seems as though you just left the instructions for posting in the forum in your forum post. If you could please elaborate on your issue and provide the information requested in the instructions, that would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Really I want to add more fields on “ADD A REVIEWER” as attached,

Any assistance will be welcome

Hi @qassim_nasir,

Doing so would likely require customizing the code base of OJS, as well as the database structure. To get an overview of what is required, I’d encourage you to consult our developer documentation: Website Settings

However, I’m afraid I can’t comment specifically on how this would be done. We’d have to have more of a sense of how you intended to modify the reviewer details (e.g. what specific details you wished to add).

PKP Team

Thanks, really I would like to add to locate reviewer the following details

Affiliation and Nationality
Appreciate your kind assistance.