Add Live Chat Plugin

Hi.I want to add Live Chat plugin in my OJS. But I dunno what should I do first. Can anyone help me?


Is this a ready plugin available somewhere? And OJS version are you using?

Yeah… It’s zip file. And I want to upload the plugin to my OJS.
I’m using OJS 3.0.2

are you sure it is an OJS plugin? I have not seen a plugin with that name. Do you have a link available?

I’m not sure it’s OJS Plugin. But, I already use this plugin in my WordPress. Can I use this plugin to my OJS too?

If it is a wp plugin, it will not work in OJS.

Oh oke… Then, any Live Chat Plugin that avaliable for OJS 3?

I am actually not sure what the plugin does, I mean what kind of live chat it is. Maybe you could send a link to the plugin page here: WordPress-lisäosat | Suomi

But I am fairly sure without seeing that it is something not available for OJS3.

I use this plugin ZupportDesk Live Chat Plugin (Free & Paid Plans) – WordPress plugin | Suomi.

Actually, i want to add Live Chat Widget to my OJS. But, I really need some help, what should I do.

Thanks …


Depending on the service you are using that would require at least some coding. I do not know how you plan to use the chat in OJS3, but if you are thinking more about commenting, then there are a few options available:
GitHub - asmecher/hypothesis: A integration plugin for OJS (
GitHub - ajnyga/disqus: Disqus plugin for OJS/OPS/OMP 3.2+ (

The hypothesis plugin is available in the plugin gallery in OJS3 as well, I think.

Ok. I will try later.

Massive thank you @ajnyga for all information u gave.

i have the same issue i want a tawkto chat support on my ojs how can i do it?