Add "Journal DOI" field to journal settings


Crossref encourages the registration of journal level DOIs. It would be great to have a field in OJS to enter the journal level DOI and to output it on the journal’s homepage along with the journal’s ISSN numbers. Therefore, my feature request:

Add “Journal DOI” field to Journal the Settings > Masthead page and output its content on the footer as a URL (e.g., )


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Take a look to this:

In short:

PKP have their hands full and this is a task that you only need to do once (twice if you change your url) in your journal so you can do it by your own uploading a xml to crossRef.

Thank you marc! But my problem is not to register a journal level DOI with Crossref - I did it already several times. But when I have registered the journal level DOI I want to display it on the journal homepage similar to the ISSN and I think it would be good to have a dedicated field for this in OJS.


I understand. But I feel the answer would be the same… is not a development priority right now.

If you can develop, you can make a PR sot PKP team could study and may be add it to next release.

If not, add your petition in the “feature request” forum or in github and the PKP team will take this in consideration.

Unfortuantely, the list of petitions is long and the dev team is small.

If is an important feature to you, it can be easily implemented changing the templates of your theme or creating a child one.

You have good documetation about how to create child themes here:

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