Add image article


How I can add an image in article? I will reproduce this example (Artful Inquiry and the Unexpected Ethical Turn: Exploring Identity through Creative Engagement with Grades 9-12 Students in Guatemala and Canada | Immersion: An OJS Theme Demo) and his other format in homepage (Immersion: An OJS Theme Demo).

And other question. I’m using Immersion theme, how I modify the sidebar of article’s page? When I modify the sidebar in Worksite settings, only change de bottom of website.

thank you, and forgive my english!

Hi @Xavi_X,
The image that you’re seeing in the example is a cover image added under Submission > Publication > Issue. Please be advised that the sample journal you are linking to uses OJS version


In the Immersion theme, the sidebar items added under Website Settings appear in the footer of the website. Are you referring specifically to the items to the right on an article page, such as the image, keywords, and citation on this article page? These should appear to the right of the article providing the details are included in the submission publication details (and the Citation Style Language plugin is installed).

Thank you! I upgrade to and all works well!