Add fields to QuickSubmit form & suggestion about Edit Metadata

I am manually adding content from our existing publication on another platform into OJS. I have been using the QuickSubmit plug-in a lot. After every file is uploaded, I have to then edit its metadata, because at least 2 things are wrong or incorrect since they can’t be entered in the form:

  1. Copyright Year (it always uses the current year instead of the year of the publication date), and
  2. DOI (which is blank).

It would save me a bucketload of time if those fields could be entered using the QuickSubmit.

Another thing that takes a lot of time: When I’m correcting the metadata for the articles uploaded into a “future issue” using QuickSubmit, I go to Future Issues, pick the issue (e.g.,, click on the article, scroll down, and click on Edit Metadata. I make the changes and Save. Instead of returning me to the TOC for that issue, it brings me to the Article Summary (e.g., Now I have to page back or re-enter the URL for the TOC I was working my way through. It’s very tedious. If I was editing in the TOC for an issue, why can’t the system return me to that page instead of the Article Summary?


Amy C.

I am aware of at least one other Journal Manager with a similar request for the DOI to be added to the QuickSubmit plugin.

An alternate approach, if you have structured metadata from your old system and technical experience, would be to use the Articles and Issues import instead of the QuickSubmit plugin. This would allow much better control of the import metadata, at the expense of needing to understand XML.

I think the second issue is by design. When looking at the TOC and then clicking on the Article, then scrolling to the Edit Metadata link, there’s no way for the system to know your in a serialized process. Returning back to the Article summary after editing the article is by-design. You could, however adjust your workflow a bit: instead of clicking on the article in the TOC, open it in a new tab instead. You’ll maintain you scroll position in the TOC, and be able to act on the article, closing the article tab when you are done with it.

Thanks for the quick response and alternative ideas. I will check out the Articles and Issues import – that hasn’t been on my radar at all.