Add existing DOIs to metadata upon loading

We are about to move a journal from another platform to our OJS instance. The articles already have DOIs. How do we add those existing DOIs to OJS?

I understand we’ll need to update the old locations with the new, within CrossRef.

We’re on OJS v3.1.

Thanks so much.

Hi @bernieh

Depending on how you can get your data out of your other platform, and whether you have developer resources, you can go one of three ways here:

  1. You can build Native XML and use the NativeImportExportPlugin to import this material into OJS. Provided the Crossref DOI plugin is installed and configured in your OJS installation, the DOIs included in the XML should come in automatically. You can read about that here: Data Import and Export

  2. If you don’t have developer resources, you can use the Quick Submit plugin. It’ll take submission files and metadata on a single form and go straight to a published submission. It can be time consuming if you have many submissions though.

  3. Finally you could perhaps build a CSV file and import the DOIs into either the submission_settings (OJS 3.1) or publication_settings (OJS 3.2+) tables. The difficulty with this is that the submissions would already have to be imported in order for you to know what submission_ids to use in the CSV.

It’s worth mentioning that currently it isn’t possible to import submissions still in progress with any of these methods yet.