Add contributor Orcid ID field flash and dissappears

I need some advise,
Orcid ID field flash and dissapears on Add Contributor Form while trying Quicksubmit.

The field goes hidden:
<input type=“hidden” …name=“orcid” value="" id=“orcid-…”>

log shows no errors, just warnings.

Those are my settings:

OJS: (nov 10, 2019)
PHP: 7.0.33
mysqli: 5.6.45


Orcid plugin settings:
Id and Key are set to sandbox account.
Thanks in advance.



I could not reproduce this issue, (may be related to a javascript bindin) could you please update the plugin to the newest version in either in plugin gallery or here.

If that does not fix the issue, can you please write me back ?

one more thing, we generally recommend php up from 7.2 for OJS

Oh! thanks! I’ll try both and hope not to bother again!

Well, updated plugin and php (7.3), same result.
Log shows a couple of warnings about adodb.
No js errors on inspector, but field still missing:

Hi @rmuojs
Thanks for the update. Let me try to again with the soecific locale qtommorow and get back to you.

Hi @rmuojs,

I have looked into the error again. I cannot find any issue in the javascript, which hides the functionality.

Just to confirm if there is not a misunderstanding.

1. In the plugin Hidden field is intended to disallow manual orcid Ids.

<div class="inline">
<input type="hidden" maxlength="37" validation="" class="field text"    name="orcid" value="" id="orcid-5f140be7743e8">
<span>See below to request authenticated ORCID iD</span>
<span>label class="sub_label" for="orcid-5f140be7743e8"> ORCID iD</label>   </span>

2. After setting the file , you have to send a email to the Co-author in order to validate the ORCID id
Then, if the co-author approves the link in the Email link, OJS automatically inserts the ORCID ID.

Screenshot from 2020-07-19 11-10-40

3. After successful validation you should see something like this.

Screenshot from 2020-07-19 11-15-39

Let me know, if this solved your problem or I have to look in further ?