Add Colum of Section Editor on Journal Manager Account

Dear PKP Team,

We recently upgraded from OJS 3.0.2 to for our journal and really like the new features of Initial Decline and filter function for the submission list. However, when checking the All Active tab, the assigned Editor column for each submission which was available in 3.0.2 is now missing in 3.2. This information is important for our Managing Editor to check which submission has been assigned to which Section Editor so we were wondering if there is any easy way to add this column back in 3.2?

Hello @Buletin_PKTKR-LIPI,

The ability to filter by the assigned editor is slated for the OJS 3.3 release (scheduled for early next year): Filter submissions by assigned editor · Issue #5982 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. You may wish to consider upgrading to version 3.3 when it becomes available to take advantage of this feature.

Best regards,

Public Knowledge Project team