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Hi, how are you over there?
I am an editor-in-chief of a scientific journal on PKP OJS.
We have to create an annoucement with an attached .pdf. we don’t fine how. would you please tell us how to add an attachment to an annoucement.

Hi @Jamel_Henchiri,

You didn’t indicate which version you’re using (e.g. 3.3.0-14 - in the future, please indicate this in your posts here on the forum), but if you’re using version 3.3 (although similar features exist in earlier versions), you could use the Publisher’s Library to first add a file (Workflow - Publisher Library - Add File - when adding a file ensure that you check the box making it public). Then, in the text of the announcement, link to to the file.

PKP Team

many thanks. We are currently using OJS
I will try and hope successfully :slight_smile:

Hi Roger,
here, so after several attempts, I arrived at my goal. it must be said that it is not easy to find the url of the file in attachments.
thank you very much for your help.
warm regards

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