Add a button link for the abstract

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We have recieved a request from our end users that the link in the titles of articles doesn’t really stand out. They’ve asked if we could place an abstract button becide the other galley buttons. Is there an easy way to do this? We’re looking for something along the lines of this:

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 12.47.10 pmi



I’ve managed to achieve this in our custom theme we use for our journal. Basically I copied the article_summary.tpl template and added in a section just before the for loop. You can see what I did here: Is there a better way to achieve this? It feels a little hacky doing it this way. It would be great if there was an option we could select to allow showing the abstract button natively.

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Editin the template is really the only way achieving this at the moment. I personally do not find it to be a bad solution.

Yep, that should do it. And template overrides in a child theme are the expected way to customize themes like this. :+1:

Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep it this way then! :grin: