Accesss to the Abstract

I use OJS 3.1.0. As a Journal Editor, How could I access to the “Abstract” which is submitted by the authors. I could not find the path to access this section. When the authors resubmit their revision I need to know whether they have also revised the abstract. Please instruct me!

Hi @tan1,

To see the abstract open the submission and look for the ‘Metadata’ link towards the upper right corner of the screen. Open it and all metadata including abstract is there.

Regards, Primož

Dear Primoz:
Thanks very much and I got it.

In addition, I want to ask you another question. I want to show the DOI link to the abstract. I read from the internet of how to start a new journal. I was said that you only need to insert the following codes beneath the abstract " {if $article->getDOI()}

doi: <a href=“{$” it would automatically display the DOI in the abstract. I did it, how ever, it only showed the code in the abstract but not the DIO. Do you happen to know this issue. Thanks in advance.


First, please do not add additional topics under this headline, as that makes difficulties to others searching for info. Rather open a new topic for each question if not related.

About the DOI… I have to say I am not sure if I understand the question. But still, maybe you can check the documentation: PKP Docs - Documentation for OJS, OMP and all of the Public Knowledge Project's software and look for the CrossRef and DOI.
The idea is that you first register at CrossRef, then configure DOI in OJS. An article gets DOI once scheduled for a publicaiton in certain issue number.

Regards, Primož