Access denied and undefined error login

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when i login to my ojs, i got his error… anyone, help me…
i use ojs 3.0.1
if it’s about my role setting, how can i change my role, coz it’s the only one login account that the site have.

Hi @kbh

Hmmm… could you maybe try to upgrade to the most recent version 3.0.2? – A lot of things changed and improved since 3.0.1…

Are you logged in as admin? – if it is the only user that exists…
Hmmm… Admin should have access to everything…
Was the installation successful and what else have you done?
Did you make any changes in the code?


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hi @bozana

i use 3.0.1 for my ojs. there is no any problem on my installation before.
i just found the problem, when i login using public internet. the site is work wihout any error
but when i using my personal internet network(share from my phone) the error comes.


Try to disable session_check_ip in ‘’ if it’s enable.

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