Abstracts Views and Galley Views are 0

A time ago, I don’t know when it started to happen, all abstract views and all galley views are 0, in each and every one of the articles…

It’s installed OJS 2.4.6, but it also happened in OJS 2.4.5.


Please, could you help me?


The new framework for Usage Statistics is probably not being processed. Have you seen this FAQ? My published file views or statistics reports shows no data. What do I do?

Hi there,

How long after publishing a new issue, stats (abstract view and galley downloads) are being collected? We have USAGE STATISTICS enabled, also Crete logs is checked. DOIs are registered. It’s been more than 24 hours we have issued the new issue. version running is 2.4.6.

Please assist.


If your Usage Statistics are being processed, new data should be ingested from the log files into the metrics table between 24 to 48 hours later. Specifically, the scheduled task runs once daily, and processes the file from the previous day. A worst case scenario would be: scheduled task kicks off at 23:59 on 2016-07-02 and processes the statistics for 2016-07-01, so accesses for 2016-07-01 @ 00:01 would not be reflected until the process completes (perhaps 00:04 on 2016-07-03, if the run took 5 minutes for a large file.)

Thanks for the explanation. We can arrange a manual run of scheduled tasks straight after publishing occurs to speed the process. I was wondering if we lose any stats in that 24-48 hours period. I mean is the stats we see after that period is accurate and covers any single access after the publish?


You will not lose any statistics in that 24-48 hour period based on the default setup. It is only a delay until they are converted from the log file to the metrics table.

The code will prevent the current log from being processed here:

If you modified that code to allow for the current day’s log to be copied, not moved (as would be the default action), from the $this->getProcessingPath() to the $this->getStagePath(), you could effectively re-process the current day’s logfile repeatedly throughout the day, gathering updated statistics without losing the continued collection.

Thanks for your reply.
The corresponding code in 2.4.6 which I am running is already:

if ($fileMgr->copyFile($filePath, $this->getStagePath() . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $filename)) {