“A transaction error occured…”

Did you solve the issue of “A transaction error occured…”. if yes, can you please help us with the answer.
Thank you.

Hi @adithya_varambally,

I’ve moved this into a new thread, since the one you posted in was older? Can you provide some additional details:
What specific version of OJS are you using (e.g. 3.3.0-10)?
Where exactly did you encounter this error (i.e. what steps/actions led to you encountering this error)?

PKP Team

hi @rcgillis ,

I am using ojs-3.3.0-9.
After Journal manager sends amount request to the website, user gets payment link in his mail.
Upon clicking that link he will be redirected to OJS home page. (Home page being the page with home, achieves, about tabs). In this page the error “A transaction error occurred. Please contact the journal manager for details.” occurs.
If this helps,
the URL will be (http://ojs_domainname.com/index.php/journals/index) .
Note that the “journals” in the URL is the folder I made to store journals and added the path of the same in during installation of OJS.
Thank you.

Hey, I downloaded SubscriptionSSO plugin, I had the same problem with both enabling and disabling the plugin