A Simpler Customize Review Process

I want to make review process simpler than current one. I am aware that I need a lots of core modifications.

Let me explain my idea with screenshots.

This is backend Editor view:

This is frontenf Author view of his/her submission status:

When editor checks successful on rounds, on author side a green box will appear on next to round stages. If round checked as failed, the on author side a red box will appear on next to round stages. And if the box is gray, then the round is still under process.

To do such kind of modifications, which files I should only touch?

Hi @ihlasnobatovich,

I wouldn’t recommend making changes like this – it’ll involve a lot of coding, and you’re working on the OJS 2.x codebase, which is nearing its end of life (at least for active development). The forthcoming OJS 3.1 release has a lot more visible detail about reviews on the submission lists, which appears to be one of your goals, and OJS 3.x also includes a Discussion tool, which can be used on various stages e.g. to support content and editor screening before formal review.

Undertaking major changes to OJS that don’t align with the dev team’s goals often leaves the developer stranded at the wrong end of a fork – better, I’d suggest, to keep current with what the team is working on and see if your changes/requirements can be met without forking!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team